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Caroline was willing to share with me

Hi Debbie

Thanks for sharing your story with me. I get so frustrated by  hypocrisy and injustice. I always believe the Higher up a person is the least to be trusted because they have to much to lose if found out doing something wrong and they cover up to protect themselves whether it be the church, police, politicians, celebrities they think they are untouchable. 

I have learnt not to worry what strangers say about me because as long as I know my intention is good and I know the truth about how I feel, what I’ve done and why as long as I’m accepting and understanding of myself,  I can feel that way about others too and not judge but try to see the bigger picture, the history the persons life experiences.

I sometimes see or hear of the odd nasty comments in reviews or on facebook etc usually uneducated remarks and make a negative judgement of me and it upsets my loved one’s and my supporters alike but the bad remarks don’t bother me personally its all water off a ducks back.

Photo with kind permission of Andy Jones of Littledean Jail.

If I had this mind-set back then in 1972/73 I wouldn’t have cared what the bad cop said or any other people said or thought of me and I would have pressed the rape charge and fought my corner, and lives would have been saved. instead I hid away buried my sadness behind a defiant happy face. We are none of us perfect are we. All we can do is be good enough at whatever we do at who we are.

Lol and there endeth the sermon

One of my funniest experiences was when journalist Howard Sounes knocked on my door and I pretended to be the Spanish ‘Nanny.’ ‘Meester How-Hard Soonest’ (Author of Fred & Rose)

I don’t know if you saw my last Documentary on Ch5 the last three Thursdays? When Fred met Rose. it was the first time I had been interviewed while not on Prozac and you can tell because I get upset I have never shown my true feelings before so it was quite emotional.

Well I had better end now as I have a few teenagers to keep company at work. we will chat again soon.

Bye for now  Caroline x

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My book started off as a journal, writing therapy to clear my head and revisit my life to understand myself and others better it became a book when a colleague read it and suggested it should be published as it might help other victims of abuse/rape to cope.