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Caroline was willing to share with me

Hi Debra

Thank you for your kind letter its good to get such positive feedback.

My book started off as a journal, writing therapy to clear my head and revisit my life to understand myself and others better it became a book when a colleague read it and suggested it should be published as it might help other victims of abuse/rape to cope.

I have been thinking of writing a follow up working title Finding Caroline, this one will look at the psychological aspects of what I have experienced and give readers n in sight into the thoughts feelings and consequencial behavour these experience lead to.

I also want to talk about how victims (especially of sexual assault/rape feel after and the timeline of the effects on the victim and the ripple effects on her relationships with others. And how the reaction of the first person you tell can effect you plus as in my case how the police and family support you or not makes a difference to how you cope.

I will also explain my forgiving RW and the comparative between our upbringing.

Photo with kind permission of Andy Jones of Littledean Jail.

I believe FW was psychotic whether it be from birth or due to head injuries.

I’m not an academic, infact I am Dyspraxic which I only found out this year but if you look it up you will see the link to my behaviour and the Dyspraxic behaviour.

I also have Complex- PTSD its such an eye opener to my personality/character and behaviour very fasinating stuff.

I wrote as I would speck in conversation I think thats why The Lost Girl/The One That Got Away is easy to follow.

Once again thank you for your kind emal it is much appreciated. Bless you.

Caroline Roberts