Who We Are

A site for female victims of female abusers.

Our Aim

Our aim is to raise awareness of domestic and narcissistic abuse at the hands of the supposed fairer sex.

Our Community

Women Who Abuse Women is a safe community of support through shared experiences of survivors.


Why a website on women who abuse women?

Abuse comes in various forms; sexual, physical, psychological.

Abuse is genderless. Abuse is never acceptable, and abuse is always seriously wrong.

One of life’s misconceptions is that women are the fairer sex. And we have a subliminal expectation at the very least to believe this is so.

Women are our Mothers who protected us in their womb for our first nine months, and whose role  is to nurture us as their Sons and Daughters throughout our life. Mary, being the Mother of all Mothers.

We began life from a woman’s safety. How could they possibly cause us harm?

Surely a woman wouldn’t hurt another woman. Surely a woman wouldn’t hurt a man. Surely it’s only men who abuse women, isn’t it?! Nothing could be further from the truth.

Rosemary West, Myra Hindley, the Magdalene Laundry nuns, to name but a few.

Womenwhoabusewomen.com exists, because there is currently very little covered on the subject.

In attempting to find an organisation of support for myself, specifically for this matter … I found nothing!

By this time, I’d had the misfortune of encountering three deeply damaging and dangerous narcissistic women in my life, (fortunately with the exception of my own wonderful Mother,) and I had already spoken with victims of female to female domestic abuse as guests on my radio show.

I was amazed that there was nowhere or no-one to contact purely on this topic … until now.

Something needed to exist for female survivors of female abusers.

Women Who Abuse Women exists to raise awareness of that which is rarely spoken of. And it exists for anyone on the receiving end of female abuse to speak up. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I dedicate this site to the late Caroline Roberts – ‘The One Who Got Away’, as summed up by the title of her autobiography, describing the horrors she suffered at the cruel hands of Fred and Rosemary West. Caroline was a warm and wonderful woman of bravery and strength – a survivor through and through, and someone whom I had the privilege of being in brief contact with, shortly before her untimely passing in 2016. Caroline was the ultimate hero in taking the stand to place Rosemary West back in the equation, as Caroline provided the most convicting evidence.

I hope and pray that beautiful Caroline is now living in eternal peace, along with every other victim now freed from the clutches of their female abusers.